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Applied Incident Response
Applied Incident Response

Investigating Windows Systems
Investigating Windows Systems

Learning Malware Analysis
Malware Analysis

Practical Malware Analysis
Practical Malware Analysis

Malware Analyst’s Cookbook
Practical Malware Analysis


Systems security SME and author of DecentSecurity.com. One of my favorite accounts because there’s a good mix of shit posting and awesome DFIR resources.

Phillip Wylie
Amazing for people who are looking into Red Teaming and Pentesting. He is also the founder of PwnSchool.

The Cyber Mentor
Highly recommend following this account. There are constant posts about Udemy courses, charity work, learning opportunities, and so much more. He’s a vet and the author of Practical Ethical Hacking.

Trusted Sec
Lots of good resources and blog posts come from this account. The owner, Dave Kennedy, also posts pretty up-to-date security information.

Florian Roth
A major reason I follow Florian Roth is for the Sigma rules. There are a ton of other projects he works that can be found on his GitHub page.

Roberto Rodriguez
Awesome feed. Awesome projects to follow like ThreatHunter-Playbook, THE-HELK, and ThreatHuntersForge.

If you’re new to the field and are lost on where to start this is hands down the best page to follow. She is constantly sharing free and affordable training resources, runs her own blog, and is constantly sharing other resources she finds. She also maintains a much better resources page.

If you’re a current or aspiring threat hunter or just a DFIR nerd in general, you need to follow Samir. His EVTX project is top tier and a great resource too.



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